Guest Blog For Travelfire!

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

Travelfire is looking for guest bloggers who want to share their travels! Tell the world about: your memorable vacation, where you spent your honeymoon, the best tour guide, the best kept secret, travel tips... whatever! As long as it's about travel and as long as it's interesting!

What's required of a guest author?

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Writing for Travelfire
As a blog admin, it can be hard at times to let someone else do the driving. There is always a worry that quality content can be lacking, the grammar poor, and any other number of negative factors. However, the blog will never really take on true diversity if the same author writes all the posts. Likewise, valuable information for the end reader runs the risk of being lost. In order for Travelfire to become a truly useful and interesting blog, as well as offer the reader true value, it is essential that guest authors have an open and welcoming door here. So please, if you're interest in contributing, contact the blog admin (details below).

A good guest post will include:

  • 100% Original Content. There is no value to the end reader, the blog, or even yourself if you just rehash some else's work. The reader is ripped off, as the quality is almost always inevitably poor. The blog suffers SEO penalties and maybe worse, loses readership. Finally, when you guest post, you are putting your signature on your work. Ultimately, you end up hurting yourself if bad content is submitted.
  • Proper English. It doesn't matter if it's Australian English, British English, American English or any other form. As long as the article reads well, and is coherent.
  • Good Content. Is the article interesting? Is it informative? Is it something you yourself would spent five minutes or more reading?
  • Travel Related Content.

What's in it for me?

  1. Guest bloggers will get readership exposure. 
  2. Outbound links for your site(s): for every 400 words you contribute, you'll be allowed a link to any site of your choice (that is within reason of course). No product links please, they will not be approved. 
  3. Any post that goes live is approved for writing quality, and authors with live posts have an open invitation to post again and again.

How do I submit my guest post?

You may submit your guest posts directly to Additionally, the blog admin is a member of (user name: P.F.Blogger). You may also submit your Travelfire guest posts there. Anyone who is interested in contributing guest posts here, is encouraged to check out My Blog Guest as well. It is an extremely useful tool!