Thursday, August 25, 2011

Travel tips within a budget – Saving your bucks and making your vacation memorable

In most cases we see that a vacation burns the hole in your wallet as you’re unable to save your bucks when it comes to sacrificing while on a trip. Everyone loves to go to a vacation as it means a change from the daily humdrum life but when you take into account the large amount of money that you spend during a trip, you may step back. You may follow certain travel tips so as to make sure that you save your dollars and travel on a budget. A budget is a necessity as it helps you keep a close watch on your finances so that you can monitor your savings and this is more important when you’re on a trip. Have a look at some tips that you may follow in order to travel on a budget.

1. Travel during an off season: You must be aware that there are particular seasons during which most people travel. This may be Christmas, New Year and other special occasions when people love to spend quality time with their loved ones. If you too travel during such a season, the travel fares will be higher than what you could get in an off-season. Thus, find out when the off-season starts and buy a ticket during that particular season to save money.

2. Try to curtail costs on rooms: When you’re travelling with someone, you must try your best to curtail the costs on the rooms by staying in a single room than booking two single rooms. This is one of the most overlooked travel tips. There are some particular hotels that charge huge amount on room costs and you must make sure that you avoid all such rooms so as to save money.

3. Try to get a cheap airfare: You can get a cheap airfare when it comes saving money while travelling. There are some tickets that are cheaper than on those that are booked on the weekends. People usually tend to travel more on weekends and therefore if you want to save your bucks while traveling, make sure you book the tickets on the weekdays to get them cheap.
Airfare Tip: Fly on weekdays.
4. Hire a travel agent: Before packing your bags, make sure you hire a travel agent so that he may help you throughout the entire process. He will have enough knowledge on the best places that can offer you a money-saving vacation and follow their advice so that it is possible to get the best deals while travelling.

Therefore, when you’re travelling with your loved ones, make sure you follow a budget and don’t stretch it while on the move. Carry a travel insurance policy so that you can get financial benefits if you come across any unfortunate circumstances. Follow the 4 travel tips mentioned above to stay on top of your finances.

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