Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adventure Holiday In Australia

Australia is the perfect destination for an adventure holiday. Even though there are world-class cities in Australia, the soul of the country is largely untamed. There is the Outback with its rare wild plants and animals, the Great Barrier Reef with thousands of species of sea creatures living as they have done for many millennia, the desert with its unusual rock formations and extreme temperature and the oldest rainforest on the planet. If you want to taste the adventure this land has to offer you are going to need travel insurance, a sense of wonder, good traveling boots, a bathing suit and an Australian guide.

To go into the Outback is to travel back in time to an era when man faced the elements and the animals without the benefit of modern comforts. The Outback is rich with minerals, precious metals, diamonds, oil and natural gas. But the surrounding country is rugged and wild and receives very little rain. Only the Aborigines and a few hardy Aussies live in the region year round. The Never Never is the most remote parts of the Outback. The Outback has no real boundaries. It is made up of rocky hills, sand dunes, flood plains and red sand covered with wild flowers. It generally comprises north and northwest Australia. Dingoes, rodents, brats, seals, koala, kangaroo wombat, wallabies, echidna and platypus dwell there along with 800 species of birds, 350 found nowhere else. The Outback has many venomous snakes so be careful.

Life in The Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is another place in Australia rife with adventure. This is when you are going to need your bathing suit. Located in the Coral Sea off Australia's north coast, the Great Barrier Reef covers 133,000 square miles. There are 2,900 separate reefs and 900 islands. The waters around and within the Great Barrier Reef teem with life. There are hundreds of species of sharks, whales, seals and dolphins in the waters around the reef. It is also home to sting rays, saltwater crocodiles, 17 species of sea snake and 1,500 fish species. It truly is an amazing place.

Deserts cover much of central and northwest Australia. In fact there are about 530,000 square miles of desert covering almost 40% of the continent. There are actually 10 deserts in Australia scattered throughout the Outback. It's dry, it’s hot and gas stations are hundreds of miles apart. Rainfall is rare. The land is unforgiving. Adventurous vacationers are advised to drive carefully and stay on the main roads. Scorpions, spiders, snakes and other desert life-forms lurk and the careless must pray their Australia travel insurance covers flying doctors and venom antidote.

Australia - Near the Oodnadatta Track

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Australian rainforest. The Gondwana Rainforests of Australia also known as the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserve are the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. Located near the border of New South Wales-Queensland border, it covers 3,700 kilometers and is home to more than 200 rare species of plants and animals. Eighty percent of the flowers here are found nowhere else in the world. Scientist believe the vegetation is much like it was 150 million years ago. Lace up your boots, look sharp and enjoy yourself.

With a little luck and a good Australian guide you can complete your Australian adventure holiday weary, but wiser.

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