Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Visiting Fiji in summer

Fiji is a beautiful chain of islands located in the Pacific Ocean. As far as flight time is concerned, it takes around four hours from Sydney, three hours from Auckland and roughly six hours from Honolulu. Most airlines that fly around the south Pacific area stop in Fiji. This makes finding reasonable ticket prices fairly easy to do, as it is a popular holiday destination. For traveler coming from Australia or New Zealand they will not need visas. However, the passport must be valid up to six months beyond the time they leave Fiji. Everyone else will need to get visas to legally visit Fiji.

Fiji has tropical weather and the seasons can be divided into two parts, a wet season and a dry season. The dry season starts around the month of May and ends in October. Predictably, this is the most popular time to visit and it is also when tickets will be the most expensive. June and July are the peak seasons for visiting Fiji in the summer. Along with tickets, you can expect accommodations to cost more also, during this time frame. Fijian summer happens from December to February and the temperatures can easily reach 30C plus. Most of the visitors are from Australia and New Zealand goes to Fiji at this time, as it coincides with school holidays.

November, February and March are the lowest point of vacation season to these islands and therefore, the cheapest time to visit. Remember, Fiji is not just one island but several islands. The total population is close to a million and most speak English. As far as packing clothes are concerned light clothes and open toe shoes will be enough. If you are from Australia or New Zealand and are planning to take electrical equipment, then electrical plugs from these countries will work in Fiji.

As far as cheap international flights to Fiji are concerned, they should be easy to find it. As mentioned before, Fiji, especially during summer time, is a popular destination. Many travel agencies give package deals on Fiji holidays which you and your family can take advantage of. Once you reach it, there will be plenty of activities to do. If you are staying at a self-catering villa, then buying food from local markets would be the thing to do. Prices will be quite a bit cheaper compared to the food served at resorts. As far as local transportation is concerned, the two main islands of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu, is served by local buses.

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