Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Adventures in the Caribbean

A vacation in the Caribbean can be relaxing and therapeutic. Bring your favorite novel, sun screen and a towel and you’ll be happy for the week! The pristine white sand beaches offer respire from harrowing daily life, but if your Caribbean desires go beyond the cabana, read on. The adventure that can await you amongst the lush isles and peninsulas of the Caribbean are boundless!

If you like the thought of balmy wind in your hair and the view from five hundred feet up in the air, then parasailing is for you! Securely strapped to a huge parachute-type kite, a boat tows you around the coast of St. John, St. Thomas and many resort towns in Mexico. The cost is around $80 per person and the airtime will be around ten minutes. The weightless feeling of flight will give you an eagle’s eye view and some unique photos for the scrapbook!

Ten minutes of airtime, parasailing in the Caribbean
Delve below the waves to gain yet another perspective of the Caribbean. You can find the best diving sites off Belize, Grand Cayman and Roatan, Honduras. From beginner dives to deep water, two tank endeavors, there is endless wonder and natural beauty below the water’s surface. Don your wetsuit and come face to face with brightly spangled fish, undulating coral and glowing anemones. Around $150 per person (with Scuba gear included) will buy you a day under water!

In Jamaica, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico you can bomb around the island on a four wheeler! Sometimes the ride gets a little muddy, but the experience of the authentic Caribbean jungle is one for the grandkids. From Mayan ruins in Mexico to thatched villages in Dominica, the landscape will be verdant and tropical. Navigate riverbeds, and steep hills, all under the cover of the jungle canopy. Cost will be between $50-$75 for about 2 hours on your ATV.

Horseback Riding
Is there anything more quintessentially glamorous than riding a horse through the Caribbean surf? Taking a tour atop a gentle giant through the rainforest, along beautiful beaches and under waterfalls is one of the most exhilarating and romantic activities you can do on your vacation. Cozumel, Mexico or Costa Rica would be the perfect destination for a leisurely stroll on horseback. Cost ranges from $50-$100 per person for about a 2 hours ride.

Take a romantic beach stroll on horseback through the Caribbean surf
The ultimate thrill, skydiving in the Caribbean is a singular adventure. No where else is the water so pure blue, the patchwork of islands, reefs and beaches below so magnificent. From ten thousand feet you will experience a rush like no other! Jump tandem if you just want to enjoy the ride, or if you have the time and money to dedicate to a day of training, jump solo! Around $200 per jump, not only will you be treated to a scenic plane ride up to the desired altitude, but you will jump out of a perfectly good airplane!

Noella Schink is a writer from Portland, Maine, but she loves to visit the Caribbean. She recommends a luxury hotel on the beach after a day of adventure above or below the waves!

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