Monday, December 19, 2011

The World's Coldest Places to Live

The vast majority of people live in areas of the world that do not suffer from particularly extreme temperatures that can make day-to-day living a chore. The most heavily populated cities around the world usually experience fairly mild winters and fairly warm summers that aren’t anything so hot that living can become a struggle.

There are extremely hot places to live as you can imagine. Places like Death Valley in the USA, parts of Africa such as Libya and most desert regions. There are some extremely cold places too, where it feels like the air conditioning has been stuck on overdrive. We’re not talking fairly cold parts of the UK such as Scotland, but some truly freezing conditions that some people have to endure. These are the coldest places in the world you can live in:

Vostok, Antarctica – This Russian research station in Antarctica houses a select few scientists who spend stints out in the freezing cold in the name of learning. Temperatures reach a boggling -128.6(F) and that’s without the wind chill. You truly have to be gifted if you are to enjoy your time in an environment as cold and as hostile as this.

Oymyakon, Russia – We all know that Russia is a vast country with much of it remaining icy all year round. The northern parts of Russia and Siberia are subject to some of the harshest conditions on the planet, and you’d think living here was nigh on impossible for most mortals. Recorded temperatures of -96(F) have been reported, and local residents see this as ‘normal.’

Northice, Greenland – If you look on a map or atlas, you’re sure to see Greenland represented as a white country due to the amount of ice. There are very few inhabitants of this country and life is tough as the amenities are few and far between. There are only 13 towns with more than 1000 people living in them, so I imagine these communities are used to the cold and surely no air conditioning systems will be insight, unless they offer heating too! Common temperatures of -87(F) can be expected.

Yukon, Canada – Most of Canada has pretty cold temperatures, but Yukon reaches out towards the north of the country making it even colder. It’s a popular tourist stop for winter holidays as you’re promised to see some great scenery and wildlife including some famous polar bears across the wildlife reserves. Temperatures can reach -81(F) though, so wrap up warm!

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