Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Collecting Air Miles

"Air miles are not only collected when you fly"
In this day and age people are always looking for tips and tricks as to how they can save some extra money and get the best deals wherever possible. Saving air miles is a great way to lower the cost of flights and reward you and your family with a much needed holiday. In spite of popular belief, air miles are not only collected when you fly. There are a great many ways in which you can collect air miles and then redeem them for flights at your leisure. Anyone can save air miles and there are a great many ways in which you can increase your rewards and cash in on simple offers which will increase the number of miles you collect.

Instead of simply joining the air mile frequent flyer reward program of every airline, it is much more effective to enrol in an alliance which will allow you to accumulate points from several airlines into one place and reach your required goals much faster. Takes some time to find out which airlines are part of what alliance and think about which ones you are more likely to use in the future. This will increase your earning potential and you will see the air miles accumulate much more quickly. Once you have enrolled in the alliance you can contact customer services to transfer your past air mile balances from each individual account into the one master account in order to earn more miles faster.

Credit Cards
This is one of the most common ways in which you can collect air miles. Many airlines and credit card companies are offering deals which allow you to collect air miles with every dollar that you spend. In order to increase your air miles using this method you should buy large expensive items on credit card and pay them off using a different account. Any large payments such as house or car payments can be paid through credit card to produce a huge chunk of air miles each month. By simply using your credit card in any situation where you can, you will see your air miles balance increase dramatically each month allowing you to claim the rewards much more quickly.

Club cards and Online Shopping
There are many websites and store cards that you can sign up to which offer air mile rewards as a loyalty program for their shops. You can join estore facilities which allow you to gain air miles when you spend certain amount of money on their products. You can find out what shops and websites are affiliated with your program by looking at the specific information you are given with your alliance enrollment.

Add the Household
For most air mile reward programs you are able to sign up the entire household for one account. This increases your accumulation as you receive miles whenever any registered member flies or use their credit cards. This helps to increase the amount of points you receive and allows you all to partake in the rewards.

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