Thursday, June 30, 2011

Five Great Travel Apps for the iPad

One of the best reasons to get an ipad (as if you need to justify it) is for just how useful it is when you travel a lot. If you’re anything like me and move around a lot for business, but always found a laptop a bit too heavy to lug around then the iPad is a godsend. Light enough not to be noticed and powerful enough to handle any word office tasks you might need to do while en route, it also acts as an entertainment console and an e-reader all in one. But best of all are the apps designed specifically for travelling in this article we’ll look at the five best iPad apps for when you’re on the road:

AllSubway – A personal favourite this one, it does one job and does it well. Allsubway will bring up high quality and well laid out subway and underground maps for over 100 major cities across the planet. Not only does it allow you to browse these maps offline and in the underground or metro trains themselves it also stops you looking like a lost tourist with the traditional underground maps. Wonderful.

Kayak: Known as ‘the most popular iPad travel app’ for good reason. Kayak offers a one-stop-shop for seamless searches of hotels, flights and car rental deals. From within the app you can book your hotel room direct as well as following your flight’s status and organizing the itinerary of your trip.

XE – Regular travellers will know just how useful XE currency converter is when heading abroad. Again, XE have become the number one currency conversion place by doing one thing and doing it well. Their new currency conversion app carries on this quality and what’s more it’s free!

Weatherbug Elite – This app has saved me on countless occasions from going out with the wrong clothes or packing the wrong stuff in my suitcase. A decent and reliable weather app offering free and constantly updated weather forecasts.

iBooks – I took some convincing to read books on the iPad but when you factor in how much weight you save by having them all on one iPad and reading them electronically, it becomes a no-brainer for the regular traveller. Throw in Apple’s high quality software and an easy to use interface that offers both bookshelf and reader, as well as syncing your last page across all your ios devices and this is an indispensable piece of software.

Alex is a regular traveller and travel blogger. He would love to be reviewing hot and faraway exotic places but mostly ends up reviewing English B&B’s and Travelodge discount codes .

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