Thursday, June 16, 2011

Places you shouldn’t miss when you go for a world tour

Have you ever dreamt of visiting the most famous places in the world? Most often when people think about a world tour, they get confused about the places to visit as there is a plethora of options that they have to choose from. Every one of us desires to visit the most famous places in the world but very few of us have that exact travel list that provides you with the list of the places that one shouldn’t miss. Well, if you too are confused, here’s help for you. Have a look at the places you must visit if you’ve planned to go for a world tour.

Grand Canyon: Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in the world and it should be in the list of places that you should visit when you’re going for a world tour. Carved by the River Colorado, Grand Canyon is the steep-sided gorge in the state of Arizona of United States. It has been researched that 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon every year. Summer and mid-Spring would be the best season to visit the Grand Canyon but most of the local residents think that winter is the great time to visit.

The South Island: The South Island, located at New Zealand is featured by special open landscapes. This particular island is well-known for golden sand beaches, large beach forests and broad plains. Most people can enjoy the travel to South Island. There are 10 national parks in South Island and all these parks include glaciers, lakes, coastline and native forests.

Cape Town: Situated at the tip of the African continent, Cape Town is also a place that you must not miss if you are going on a world tour. The unique range of multi-cultural lifestyle is the specialty of Cape Town and the holiday-makers enjoy the hot weather, sunny beaches and also the beautiful scenery. Make sure you have a rough idea of the place before you go to visit.

Great Barrier Reef: World’s largest coral reef ecosystem is the Great Barrier Reef. This is one of the best places to visit in Australia. You will be able to see it from the outer space and this is the single place with the highest number of living organisms. There are 10,000 species that consists of 1500 types of fish and 200 kinds of birds.

Therefore, if you’re planning to go for a world tour, do include the above mentioned spots in your list. Make your trip memorable by carrying everything that you need to make your travel successful.

Guest Post by Rebecca.

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