Monday, June 20, 2011

Four Reasons Montreal is a Must-See Vacation Destination

When you travel to Canada for your vacation, make time to visit the marvellous, exciting city of Montreal. This cosmopolitan area is world-famous for not only its role as the fashion centre of the country but also for its culture, architecture and even its night life. For the visitor, Montreal offers such a wide array of sights and activities that many people are reluctant to return home!

1) Art

From public artworks to magnificent museums and galleries, Montreal can hardly contain all its visual and aural enjoyment gifts to the public.

Modern sculptures adorn the city in public plazas and parks. From smooth subtleties that beguile the imagination to intricate and intriguing Renaissance works, appreciation and celebration of art in Montreal has been elevated to...well, an art form.

Even the unusual has been ordinary fare in this metropolis. When you view a piece from all sides and still can't figure out what it's supposed to be, you're probably not alone, but everyone can appreciate its flair and creativity.

2) Attractions

Discover for yourself the well-hidden enjoyment treasure found inside the former stadium for the 1976 Olympics. The Biodome de Montreal houses contains four separate ecological habitats. Explore a rain forest, a polar environment, a marine display and a lush forest area—all under one roof. Learn about the ecology, the flora and the fauna native to each area represented. Laugh at the antics of the polar puffins and penguins. Then cross to the rain forest and enjoy the tricks and mischief of the monkeys and the brilliant colours of the parrots. The Biodome welcomes families and provides special activities for the children—and their parents!

The Quays of the Old Port of Montreal (Quais du Vieux-Port de Montreal) was once the shipping hub of this bustling city. The area has been transformed into a brilliant scenic area tailored to biking or leisurely walking tours and meandering among the many shops, boutiques and cafes. View yesteryear as it presents itself for your enjoyment as you capture bits of history along your way.

Be sure to stop by the Chateau Ramezay Museum in Montreal. Named after the French colonial governor Claude de Ramezay, this structure once housed the French and then British colonial governments. During the American Revolution, it served as the headquarters of the Revolutionaries who laid siege to the city. The building was the first to be declared an historical monument in the city and it was awarded the National Award of Excellence from the Landscape Architects of Canada in 2003.

3) Boat Tours

You won't believe you have only one hour on board as you embark on a daytime cruise on the Saint-Lawrence River. Don't worry about a picnic lunch or a snack you forgot, because you can find it on board as the specially-designed boats slip into areas that others cannot. Enjoy the waterway that adds depth and dimension to your Montreal holiday.

4) Festivals

Whether you like the gay festivals full of fun and diversity or you prefer literary seminars, Montreal can meet those requests and virtually everything in between. Does jazz music set your soul afire? You're in luck when you attend the Montreal Jazz Festival usually held in early summer. Be astounded at the power, grace and magnificence of the Cirque de Soleil, the world-famous contemporary travelling circus—or performance art—that perennially breaks its own highest standards of excellence.

'To Be Continued'

More than one visitor has told himself that as he reluctantly departs toward home. This very short list of only a few of the wonders, marvels and entertaining sidebars that make Montreal unique, embracing the past as it races toward the future. Come see why. Visit Montreal on your holiday.

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