Monday, June 20, 2011

Tips for Enjoying Your Travel Destination

With summer upon us, it’s time to plan that special family vacation, and what better place to enjoy the sun, fun, and all that summer has to offer than a trip to La Jolla. The city has numerous attractions for the whole family as well as delicious places to eat, shop, and lounge, making it nearly impossible to spend all day in a salon in La Jolla!

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your stay in La Jolla.

For the Artists

La Jolla is a place of rich, distinct culture perfect for the aspiring artist seeking inspiration. There are dozens of art galleries in La Jolla, namely the downtown area. From classic paintings to contemporary pieces, these art galleries show the area’s great sense of diversity. The town is, of course, home to UC San Diego. The campus holds all sorts of fun performances, both musical and dramatic, and activities to satisfy the intellect and artful mind. Make sure to check the school’s website for details. If that’s not enough, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego is located in La Jolla. The museum holds new exhibitions every few months so keep your eye out for exciting new events.

For the Hungry

As well as some sweating yourself silly with Bikram Yoga, La Jolla, CA offers dozens of delicious restaurants and eateries. La Jolla’s Burger Lounge is the place for some great, classic burgers. Burger Lounge runs on the philosophy that a burger should taste great and make use of healthy ingredients, all produced within a sustainable environment. The menu is simple and caters to health-conscious eaters and burger lovers alike. You have your choice of tallgrass beef, turkey, or quinoa patties, along with a side of fresh cut fries or onion rings. Burger Lounge also offers salads, chicken tenders, cupcakes, and milkshakes, all made from fresh, healthy ingredients. These are the type of burgers you don’t have to feel guilty about.

Nearby is Whisknladle. This restaurant is best known for making everything in house, from the sauces to the main courses. All their produce is organic and supplied by local growers. Eating at the Whisknladle really gives you the authentic taste of San Diego.

If you would like to indulge yourself, La Jolla is also home to several unique pizzerias. Regents Pizzeria offers some divine pies in thin New York style or thick, rich Chicago style. You have numerous options for toppings, all of which are purchased fresh from local suppliers. The dough is handmade and your pizza is cooked in a special stone oven that ensures optimal crunch when you finally get to take a bite.

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