Friday, November 11, 2011

Five of the Best Surf Beaches in the World

Best Surf Beaches in the World
Surfers are always in pursuit of the ‘perfect wave’ and we’ve picked out some of the best spots in the world to start that search. Surfing may be one of the hardest sports in the world to master but it has also never been easier to learn with surf schools and surfing experience days popping up at beaches around the world, which are sure to have you standing up and riding the waves within hours. It is not hard to see the attraction of the sport; the combination of excitement and beautiful beach surroundings makes for a perfect day. The most popular spots are often blessed with bustling nightlife and a relaxed atmosphere so even if you aren’t taking to the water yourself you can still admire some of the best in the world riding the waves while you kick back and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Here are five of the best beaches in the world perfect for beginners and experts alike:

Bondi Beach, Australia
One of the world’s most famous beaches in what is commonly considered the world’s best country for surfing. There is no shortage of hotspots to ride the waves up and down Australia’s vast coastlines and while Bondi may not be the most challenging, it produces consistent waves and an inviting swell perfect for beginners and experienced surfers alike. Even if you don’t want to venture into the water yourself you can easily while away the hours chilling out on the beautiful beach or in seaview cafes admiring the hordes of expert surfers tackling the waves and showing off their skills.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Home to the famous Mexican Pipeline which attracts surfers from across the globe keen to challenge themselves on its waves of up to 12m high. The powerful water is not to be taken lightly, although calmer spots for beginners or swimmers do exist along the stretch of golden beach.
"Powerful water is not be taken lightly"

Waikiki, Hawaii
Traditionally considered the birthplace of surfing, it is awash with tourists but once you’re in the water you will quickly forget everything else and simply revel in the fine waves that made it such as hotspot in the first place.

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa
Perfect breaks combined with the warm waters of the Indian Ocean have made Jeffrey’s Bay - or J-Bay as it's commonly known - a true surfing mecca. Blessed with the laid-back atmosphere so commonly associated with surfing, the beautiful beaches are perfect for kicking back with a beer and a BBQ after a day of riding the waves. Just be sure to listen out for the shark warnings as Great Whites are known to inhabit the waters.

Kuta Beach, Bali
The idyllic beaches of Bali with their white sands, palm trees and crystal clear waters have made it a true tropical paradise holiday destination. But adrenalin junkies flock there for the  fantastic swells and huge waves as much as the laid-back lifestyle of the Indonesian island, with surfing conditions to suit all abilities.

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