Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unique Ways To Spend Your Honeymoon

So the big day has finally arrived and your novelty themed wedding went without a hitch. There you both were dressed as Ewoks or Moomins or completely naked, the J Giels cover band you booked were great and only four people were poisoned by the vegan buffet. It’s time to start your life together. But you don’t want to jet off to just any old place – you need a honeymoon with a twist. A crazy twist. Here are a few ideas for wacky honeymoons you’ll be talking about for years.

Get Away From It All - Turtle Island, Fiji 
If it’s good enough for Britney Spears, it’s good enough for you. We know you’ve lived your life by this creed – that’s why you go ‘commando’ every time you exit a vehicle. And your honeymoon shouldn’t be any different. Turtle Island is one of the most exclusive and remote romantic destinations on earth. With accommodation for only 14 couples, you don’t have to worry about your special holiday resembling a sub-plot from the sit-com Benidorm. You stay in your own eco-friendly cabin on this island paradise and have a ‘Bure Mama’ on hand to cater to your every whim. And they filmed the Blue Lagoon there! What more could you want?

Go  A Spiritual Journey - Monastery Stay, Worldwide 
Nothing says married life like being surrounded by a bunch of celibate monks. Monasteries and convents have always offered shelter and sanctuary to travellers in need as that famous documentary Nuns on the Run has shown us. Monasteries the world over now have now opened their doors to the intrepid vacationer and provide restful, reflective rooms for rent. From the Far East, through the whole USA and all over Europe, you’ll find a top Monk House. What better place to venture with your new significant other and take time in the calming atmosphere to sit and contemplate the horrible, horrible mistake you might have just made.

"Nothing says married life like being surrounded by a bunch of celibate monks."
Get Weird - Roswell UFO Festival, New Mexico 
How many times have you told that special someone in your life that they’re ‘out of this world’? Ten? Twelve? Well, if you’re the sort of person who likes to stretch metaphors to preposterous lengths then why take a trip to the alien-est place on Earth or elsewhere? Roswell, New Mexico! Reported site of an infamous UFO crash landing and air base where supposed alien autopsies were conducted. Nothing says romance like that! As well as the annual summer festival, there’s a Roswell UFO Museum and other local attractions such as the Bottomless Lakes. Which is where you may end up if you spring a surprise like this on your new bride.

Chill Out - Igloo Stay Finland 
Who needs tropical paradises, acres of sandy beaches and warm crystal waters as far as the eye can see? Heat is over-rated, icy tundra is now the way to go. If you want a completely unique start to your new married life, don’t just stay in igloo hamlet or igloo suburb – but an actual igloo village! In Kakslauttanen Finland, right above the arctic circle. You and your new partner can stay in your own glass-domed igloo and admire the star strewn sky or even the Northern Lights if you’re lucky. Or, for an even chillier alternative, stay in a cabin completely built from snow, with ultra-cosy down sleeping bags thrown in.

Hobo Festival - Britt Iowa 
With the way the economy is going, we’re all probably going to end up as hoboes – those beloved, filthy gentlemen and women of the road. So, if you don’t want to get your new life partner’s hopes up, why not take them to the annual gathering of the hoboes in Britt, Iowa. Hoboes from around the globe hop on freight trains and head to Britt to eat Mulligan Stew and stand around fires swapping stories of life on the road. You can even join in the hobo parade through Main Street and buy a bindle full of tramp-style souvenirs. And if your special someone is still talking to you after all that, then you’ve got yourself a keeper.

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