Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Historic City of York

I have always wanted to walk on the pavements of where the amazing kings and queens have walked on, where princes and princesses have held hands together, and where history of monarchy has unfolded little by little that I can almost have the glimpse of what it is like to live like royalty. Okay I maybe I sounded a little dramatic on my introduction, but there’s no doubt that one city has captured my enthusiasm for medieval facts, I give you the City of York.

This city has a lot of stories to tell coming from the mighty walls of their castles and palaces as well as their dungeons and other tourist attractions.

If you love long walks and great conversations, then the Medieval City Walls will be the perfect location for you to exchange amazing stories with your friends. These walls represent courage, loyalty to the country and monarchy. About 2.5 million people walk on these walls every single year so don’t miss your chance to be part of the statistics if you will ever visit York.

Now if you love going to scare houses in theme parks or want to show off how brave you are to a girl that you are trying to make a good impression on; then it’s a must that you visit Yorks famous dungeon.  This is one of York’s ultimate tourist attractions first because of the thrill and suspense that you could experience on your visit and next are the stories and the history on each and every area inside of it.

Trust me, they can be really creepy but the despite me having quite a nerve wracking experience, I can guarantee that you’ll leave this place fascinated of the events that happened centuries ago and that you’ll realize their significance on how they have molded the culture of this town. Prepare your courage as you visit it at 12 Clifford Street in York.

Your next step has to be the Jorvik Viking Center. Witness how the people lived back in the medieval ages. See all those 1000 year old houses and other materials that were used during those times and watch history unravel itself right before your modern eyes as the guides explain you the details of the culture and customs of the Vikings and the locals back in the old days. The astounding pieces of information that you’ll learn from all those things are indeed priceless.

York Minster
After the Viking center, take a trip to the York Minster and be amazed on the architectural structure of this massive cathedral. Europe has been blessed to be a place where amazing churches were built and York is one of those cities in this continent that has proved it. The interior of this church will blow you away because it has the word art written all over it. Here you’ll also find the Archbishop of York.

Now I know that roaming around York can be really tiring especially if you started at the City Walls. You’ll be hungry and you’ll need a nice snack after it so it’s time to check out their famous Betty’s Tea Room. Founded back in 1919, get to experience the finest tea and pastries probably in the world with this cafĂ©’s awesome menus! Their vintage motif will complete an ambiance just right for you to feel classy and elegant as you sip their tea. They have packaged their materials in a way that is really capturing so they’re also perfect as gifts!

Speaking of gifts, you can also shop in this place with their specialty stores located in a place that will remind you of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley! Just make sure you bring a lot of money because the price tag on their items can be a little bit expensive.

If you think that it’s all Viking and medieval stuff in York, then let me tell you that their modern nightlife is actually really good! The people here know how to absolutely have fun in this millennium! Drinks and food are overflowing once the clock strikes 7 in their local pubs! York is indeed a must-see!

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  1. This is a great post about one of my favourite cities for a day out. There is history at every turn. Last time I went it was covered in snow, which just made it even more picturesque.