Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Magic Christmas in Tuscany

The Holiday season is approaching, and a large part of the world prepares to celebrate Christmas. Did you ever think about spending your Holidays in Tuscany?

During Christmas time this famous region in Italy becomes even more romantic than usual, making it the perfect destination for a quick runaway from your daily routine. Here are some suggestions for your relax, enjoyment and discovery of new places to return to or keep among your most treasured memories.

Wellbeing centers in Tuscany
The region literally thrives with spas, thermal baths, wellness resorts, hot springs and hotels with saunas and fitness areas. You just have to decide in what part of Tuscany you want to stay: the hot springs of Calidario near Livorno, or those of Saturnia, near Grosseto, or why not the Fonteverde spas in the province of Siena, in an unmatched landscape of rare beauty. Then if you prefer to have the benefits of relaxation without the therapeutic properties of natural springs, you may want to stay in Montepulciano, at the newly opened Etruria Resort. Here an ancient villa was restructured to accommodate you in wonderful hotel rooms, and the Etruscan cellars transformed into saunas and hot baths with massages and other beauty treatments. There are many more choices for your relax and beauty: Montecatini and Chianciano Terme, Bagni di Lucca and the Hotel Terme di Petriolo, totally immersed in nature.

Culinary and wine tours of Tuscany
On the rack, Tuscany wine tour
If you already feel well relaxed and in good shape, you can opt in for a wine and food tour of Tuscany. The Christmas season is a special time to be in a wine farm; the newly harvested grapes are being transformed into novel wine, available only for a short period of time, while last year's production is fully ready for tasting. You could go for an arranged tour, or you could delight in crafting one perfect for your needs. The first option removes all worries and burdens. All in all, not everyone loves to deal with bureaucracy and planning. On the other side though, you will have to abide to stiff timing and pick up rendezvous, fixed itineraries and destinations. First-timers will probably be better off with this option. However, if you love to organize your day, or are a seasoned traveler of Tuscany, you should decide on the cellars and restaurants to visit, gather all the info on your most favorite wines and producers, contact them personally to arrange everything, then rent a car to get the freedom and independence to move around at will. You may even go a step further and rent an RV. To make things easier, Tuscany was divided into "Wine Roads". These are common interstate roads that lay on a specific wine producing county. You may start with the "Strada del Chianti Classico", or "Strada del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano", among the most famous ones.

Mountain ski trip to Tuscany
What better than a Christmas Holidays ski trip? The splendid mountains of the region offer a lot of fun for couples and families alike. You may rent a Tuscan cottage immersed in the snow-covered forest, yet nearby a village. A log cabin with fireplace and sauna: does it get more relaxing and romantic than this? The best mountains of the region are definitely the Abetone and Cimone, set next to one another at the border between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. Here you will find the longest slopes and the most beautiful landscapes of the region; however, mount Amiata and the Lunigiana and Garfagnana mountains also offer their share of splendid natural landscapes and fun. Beginning skiers, especially with young kids, will find their safe haven with them.

These are just a few suggestions for your Christmas holiday in Tuscany. But why choose just one? You could stay in a Tuscan villa on the Amiata mountain, then drive to the nearby coast to discover the fantastic Morellino di Scansano wine, and stop at Saturnia Thermal Baths on the way back. The region offers so much in a relatively small area that you can really take advantage of it all even within a short period of time.

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